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How do I assemble my Akari light sculpture?

Please take a look at our assembly guide (PDF).


What kind of lightbulb can I use with my Akari?

Akari are wired for use with 120 Volt electrical systems. If you are outside of the United States you will need to use a voltage converter.

Akari take any standard sized (E26 base) light bulb. For use with incandescent bulbs, table lamps should not exceed 60 watts, medium sized floor and ceiling lamps should not exceed 75 watts, and very large ceiling lamps should not exceed 100 watts. When using CFL or LED bulbs please check the packaging for equivalence to incandescent limits.


What are the differences in wiring options for Akari ceiling models?

The Plug-in kit is 18 feet long and plugs into any standard 120 volt wall outlet. It includes a thumb switch placed at 4 feet from the plug, and an adjustable cord grip to hang your Akari shade from.

The Hard-wire kit comes in 6 foot or 20 foot lengths. These kits must be wired directly into a junction box in your ceiling and may require an electrician or building supervisor to install. They include a domed white canopy to mount to the ceiling, and an adjustable cord grip to hang your Akari shade from.


Are Akari UL listed?

Akari light sculptures are not UL listed. The model 13A, 14A, UF4 series, UF5 series, and all BB1, BB2, and BB3 stands are custom wired and are not UL recognized. Electrical kits and components for all other Akari models are UL recognized.


Do you offer a trade discount?

We do not offer a trade or designer discount.

Resale certificates are accepted for the purposes of tax removal from orders and they can be provided with the request for a quote.

A 10% gratuity discount is applied to all orders of five or more that are received by interior designers or architects.

Representatives from the Noguchi Akari and Design department welcome requests for quotes, lead times, and any other inquiry that help to facilitate an order.


Do you have a wholesale program?

We do not currently offer Akari for resale except to select art institutions that the museum is partnered with for special exhibitions.

If you are interested in acquiring publications or other limited edition items for resale, please contact us.


The Akari that I’m looking for is out of stock, when will it be available again?

We receive shipments of Akari every two to three months. Enter your email to the out-of-stock sign up form on the item page to be notified.


How do I maintain my Akari and clean the shade?

Akari light sculptures should not be placed near any sources of heat or in outdoor conditions. For cleaning and maintenance, it is best to avoid liquid cleaners. We suggest using a microfiber cloth or a dry paintbrush to remove dust. Any dry dusting tool can be used as long as it is not rough/textured. For stain or dirt removal, use a lightly adhesive cleaning tape, white play-doh or other semi-tacky clay, art-gum eraser, or cornstarch for oils.

For minor repairs of the shade we suggest using a translucent, archival tape such as Filmoplast P or Lineco Mending Tissue.


Can I purchase a replacement shade for an Akari that I already own?

Although many of our customers have enjoyed their Akari light sculptures for 30+ years, please keep in mind that as with any object made from paper, they will eventually fade and may fall apart. We offer replacement shades for BB1, BB2, BB3, and UF4 models only. Contact us for current availability and pricing.


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